Red Rock Canyon, the other Red Rock.

This is not that Red Rock. This Red Rock is the Canyon, not the Amphitheatre near Denver, CO. Although, it does have similar rock structures! Spent the day here for our lazy Sunday.

Scorching hot day at the Hoover Dam!

Up bright and early on a Saturday, with our first stop at the Hoover Dam before heading to Valley of Fire. With the temperatures already in the 80s in the morning, thank goodness for air conditioning!

The Big Easy – New Orleans, LA

Let’s do a throwback to early July 2014! A few friends and I went on a random weekend trip to New Orleans to check out what the French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and the NOLA food scene had to offer. Hand Grenade, Purple Drink, and Hurricane cocktails…what could go so right?

The City by the Bay – San Francisco, CA

During my visit to California to visit family in Sacramento, I took the opportunity to go hang out in San Francisco for the Thanksgiving weekend with some of my cousins. Did the usual sightseeing then went crabbing before heading back to Sacramento.

Until next time! – Japan

The last couple of days before I came back to the United States were spent buying things to bring back, catching anything we may have missed that was nearby, and just relaxing a bit after a long, arduous week.