Spotting wild mustangs in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

One of the animals that we wanted to spot in the wild were horses/mustangs. We weren’t able to spot any while driving through Wyoming to Cody, so we were hoping to view some at Theodore Roosevelt National Park on the way back home. We weren’t disappointed! You just have to search and be patient.

The colorful and beautiful Grand Prismatic Spring!

One of the coolest sites to visit in Yellowstone, the Grand Prismatic Spring! Aside from the horrible traffic around the area and the lack of parking, if you’re lucky enough to park close, it’s well worth the time to walk in awe of the colorful pool.

When in Yellowstone, go to Grand Teton National Park also!

Another national park just to the south of Yellowstone! It would seem that a lot of people who visit Yellowstone also make the trip to the Grand Teton National Park too, and vice versa. Fortunately, we have the America the Beautiful interagency pass so we didn’t have to worry about paying to get into either park. Grant Teton had a different vibe to it probably because it’s so close to the Teton mountain range. We also noticed that there weren’t as many RVs as Yellowstone!