Jack-o-lantern Spectacular 2019 at the Minnesota Zoo!

Adventure Date: 10/20/2019

I don’t know why no one thought of this before but I think the Minnesota Zoo has a good Halloween event to look forward to putting on every year now.  Even though this year was only it’s 2nd year for the event, I think it’s popular enough that it will continue on for years to come.  For $18/$20 per adult, depending on the day, you get a workout from walking all the way to the back of the Minnesota Zoo AND you get to see jack-o-lanterns, hundreds of them!  It was a fun and relaxing Halloween activity for us and it certainly brought out all sorts of people to come hang out at the zoo to be at awe with all those jack-o-lanterns.  There were other family-friendly activities to do too aside from the spectacular at the event.  As of this writing, the event has concluded for this year, so you’ll have to look forward to next October to get a glimpse of these jack-o-lanterns in person.  They’ll probably be different next time anyways.  Check out some of the jack-o-lanterns from this year below!