Only in Minnesota, the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN!

Adventure Date: 01/15/2022

As a part of my wife and I’s 2022 goals, we’ve decided to go an adventure at least once a week together, every week, for 2022!  For the first adventure, we went to the Mall of America to check out the grand opening of a baked goods store called Beard Papa’s.  They make creme puffs.  Delicious? Absolutely.  Expensive? Just a bit. 

Off to the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN


For adventure #2, we went to the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota.  Both of us are familiar with SPAM especially since we’re fans of musubi and ate it a lot in Hawaii.  What we didn’t expect was to learn so much more about the history of SPAM and Hormel Foods!

As one of the photo below shows, SPAM products were first introduced in 1937.  The museum showcases the rich history of SPAM with kiosks that test your knowledge from all the knowledge that you can soak up while walking about.  One of the cool facts I learned that day was that the Great Wall of China is 92,933,068 SPAM cans long (13, 171 miles)!

Different types of SPAM

While looking through the various displays about SPAM around the world, you get to see the different flavors that have been catered to those populations like in the above photos.  The one that I was most curious about was the SPAM Rich Cheese flavor from South Korea.  Is it the same concept as cheese hot dogs?

Other cool museum stuff

Below are other images from around the museum.  My wife and I collect Funko Pops so we were excited to see one sitting there in the museum!  Before we left for good, we did visit the gift shop and bought a variety pack of SPAM for musubi, a SPAM slicer, shot glass, magnet, and keychain.  Overall, we enjoyed this day trip to the SPAM museum and would recommend it a visit at least once!