Viva Las Vegas sign!

Viva Las Vegas! Experiencing Vegas during the pandemic.

Flew to Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife who has never been there yet. Stayed for a few days to try to relax and squeeze in a vacation before summer is here! Stayed on the Strip, Downtown, explored around Las Vegas, and ate/drank our way through Vegas!

Body Worlds at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Throwback to 2019! My wife surprised me by taking me to the Body World event that was being exhibited at the Science Museum of Minnesota back in 2019. Interesting event that showcases real, preserved human bodies and parts.

Exploring the natural history of Minnesota at the Bell Museum

Adventure #7 for this year is the Bell Museum! Formerly known as the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History, this museum provides insight into the natural history of Minnesota. From different exhibits to a planetarium, you’ll find plenty for the family to explore such as the mammoth exhibit!

Only in Minnesota, the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN!

Adventure #2 of 2022 was a trip to the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota. We learned more about SPAM and walked away with SPAM swag. If you’re a fan (or not), give it a visit! Only a 2 hour drive from the Twin Cities metro area.