The captivating and beautiful exhibits of MoPOP and Chihuly!

Museums are fun no matter where you go. Even better when they’re right across the street from your hotel! We went to the Museum of Pop Culture then while we waited to go up the Space Needle, we went to Chihuly Garden and Glass since you could pay a little more for a pass that gets you into the Space Needle and Chihuly!

The early morning charm of downtown Seattle.

After exploring nature the first couple of days during our trip to Washington, we decided to focus on things to do in Seattle. This part is all about downtown Seattle, specifically Pike Place Market and the surrounding area!

The amazing diversity of Olympic National Park!

The early bird gets the worm! Or in our case, the views of Olympic National Park! It practically took us all day to go all the way around the national park, but it was well worth all the views and few stops we made along the way.

Viva Las Vegas sign!

Viva Las Vegas! Experiencing Vegas during the pandemic.

Flew to Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife who has never been there yet. Stayed for a few days to try to relax and squeeze in a vacation before summer is here! Stayed on the Strip, Downtown, explored around Las Vegas, and ate/drank our way through Vegas!

Body Worlds at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Throwback to 2019! My wife surprised me by taking me to the Body World event that was being exhibited at the Science Museum of Minnesota back in 2019. Interesting event that showcases real, preserved human bodies and parts.