South Korea 2015 – Part Deux!

In 2015, we went to back to South Korea!  This time, I went with Peter and Sonny to go hang out with our friends Mike, Brian, and Jae.  Brian was back in South Korea visiting his younger brother, Jae, and his mother.  Mike has been living there after his mandatory military service and working.  This time around, we spent the entire time in Seoul.  Since we flew to South Korea on standby via Delta, flying back meant the same thing.  We spent the entire day at Incheon Airport waiting for seats to be available on the only two flights for that day.  After the last flight back to the States left, we were left in a state of unknown.  We didn’t know if we should leave and get a hotel for the night outside of the hotel, or try to find a way to catch another flight in another city, maybe in another country.  Last minute plan ended up with us buying business class tickets on Asiana Airlines to Osaka, Japan to try to catch the last flight out of there going back to the States.  When we got to Osaka, we missed the connection flight so we ended up leaving the airport there and catching a hotel nearby.  The next day we spent the entire day out in Osaka getting some fresh sushi, playing some video games at their multi-story arcades, and looking around the various shops.  No photos for this post, but checkout the video!