Viva Las Vegas sign!

Viva Las Vegas! Experiencing Vegas during the pandemic.

Adventure Date: 05/18/2022 – 05/23/2022

This is the first vacation that we’ve taken that required flying out during the pandemic.  Even though there was no longer a mask mandate for flying on airplanes or in Las Vegas, we still masked up due to the new coronavirus strain going around and we didn’t want to come home sick to a 9-month old child.  Pandemic aside, Vegas was back to that busy, hustle and bustle!  As always, go early wherever you need to be.  Lines were long everywhere!

We stayed at Paris Las Vegas for the majority of the stay and then one night at El Cortez due to Delta Airlines canceling our flight.  We also rented a vehicle so that we can explore the city more and outside the city limits too like Horseshoe Bend and Hoover Dam.

Las Vegas

While we did enjoy our time hanging around the central Strip area with friends, we also ventured out to other areas too such as Shark Reef Aquarium and the Seven Magic Mountains.

Red Rocks National Conservation Area

The last time I was here at Red Rocks, I was in awe of just how lit nature can be.  The rock structures and color is just mind-boggling.  Unfortunately, this time we didn’t come prepared for hiking so we didn’t get out to do any hiking such as the Calico Tank trail.

Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

We made a day trip out to Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead area.  My wife was amazed by just how enormous Hoover Dam is compared to all the other dams she has seen in her life.  The water level for Lake Mead has dropped a lot due to droughts so it was just crazy to see how low it really was in person after hearing about it on the news.

Glen Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Our flight got canceled so we made the best out of a free day.  My wife had Horseshoe Bend on her bucket list of things to see and I also wanted to see it for myself so we made the 8-hour round-trip drive to see it along with Glen Canyon too. Worth it!

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