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One of the best beaches in Hawaii, Waimanalo Beach!

Trip Date: August 14th – 24th, 2019

Waimanalo Beach is touted as one of the best beaches in Hawaii, especially in Oahu.  Our Airbnb rental had it’s own private entrance right up against the beach.  We were out there on the beach for sunrise and to hangout in the evenings.  Most of the time it was just us and a few other people walking the beach or fishing.  It wasn’t crowded like Waikiki Beach, far from it.  It felt more homey, and private, where you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waves throughout the day without all the noise of the big city.  The decision to stay in Waimanalo Beach for the remainder of our vacation was definitely worth it.  Getting to other areas of the island wasn’t even a hassle, something I had initially worried about.  And we were finally away from all the hustle and bustle, to finally relax and enjoy our vacation.