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Quick exploration of Waikiki Aquarium after a long morning hike

While staying in Waikiki for a couple of nights, one of the places we checked out was the Waikiki Aquarium down the street from our hotel. Not as large as some of the aquariums we’ve been too but still interesting to see nonetheless especially since Hawaii has both fresh and saltwater habitats for aquatic creatures. Went here after hiking up and down Diamond Head State Monument!

Hiking Diamond Head State Monument

First thing the next day of being in Oahu, Hawaii was to get up early and hike Diamond Head State Monument. Thanks to jet lag, getting up early and getting a parking spot inside the crater was a success!

Starting off the trip to Oahu, Hawaii right in Waikiki!

Waikiki means “spouting fresh water” in Hawaiian. Amanda thought otherwise, until I told her that it’s actually a neighborhood in Hawaii famous for Waikiki Beach! Waikiki also has a special meaning to her and so for our trip to Oahu, Hawaii, I wanted to start things off on the right foot by staying in Waikiki with the beach just across the street!