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Starting off the trip to Oahu, Hawaii right in Waikiki!

Trip Date: August 14th – 24th, 2019

Have you ever been to Hawaii? No? You should go, but save up because it’s also expensive!  Overall, I would definitely recommend it to those who want to escape to a tropical paradise, but don’t be like every other tourist and stay in Waikiki the entire time.  Why? Because Waikiki barely even scratches what the real Hawaii is like while you’re there, and the locals will tell that to you over and over again.  This would be my second time going to Hawaii and first time for the girlfriend, Amanda.  The first time was when I went to the Big Island with a few good friends back in January 2017.  Those posts can be found here in one place if you haven’t seen them yet: Review of the Big Island – The Overall Experience!

Back to Waikiki.  It’s where you’ll find a lot of the hustle and bustle on Oahu.  It’s also where most of the hotels and resorts are located; and where the majority of tourists will stay for the duration of their vacation.  I decided we would stay for a couple of nights in Waikiki since 1.) Waikiki, the word, has a special meaning to Amanda and 2.) get the whole touristy feeling out of the way before we go relax further outside of Honolulu.

While we stayed in Waikiki, some of the activities that we did were:

  • Hiked Diamond Head
  • Visited Waikiki Aquarium
  • Walked the beaches and took a dip in the ocean
  • Watched the Friday night fireworks
  • Visited and shopped at Ala Moana Center
  • Visited and shopped at Don Quijote
  • Visited Tantalus Lookout at Puu Ualakaa State Park
  • Walked around Chinatown

Checkout the below gallery for some images from Waikiki!