Seattle – Seattle Aquarium

After visiting the Pike Place Market and grabbing a bite to eat, we decided to take a walk down to the Seattle Aquarium and check out the piers also while we were down there.

Seattle – Pike Place Market

On the 2nd day that we’re in Seattle, we decided to go out and get some touristy things out of the way, so first stop of the day was the Pike Place Market!

Seattle – Mount Rainier

The first stop after arriving in Seattle, WA was Mount Rainier as my younger brother and I spend most of the day driving there, sightseeing, and driving back a bit late for check-in.

Las Vegas 2016

One this trip, we’re headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for a long weekend trip with just the guys for a few birthdays and a bachelor party!

South Korea 2010 – Part 3

This is part 3 of my South Korea 2010 trip. For this part, we’re back in Seoul for the time being for a couple of nights to party it up then headed back to Dongducheon where we head out to a traditional village.

South Korea 2010 – Part 1

My first time traveling outside of the USA, we were headed to South Korea to visit a good friend who had recently moved back for his mandatory military service for the South Korean military.