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Seattle – A Trip With The Youngest Brother

Earlier this year, I asked my youngest brother where he would like to visit in the U.S. and he settled for Seattle. To keep that promise to him, we went last week, September 15th, and came back the 18th, just in time for me to get back to work and for him to get back to his classes.

Seattle – Kubota Garden

Last stop before the airport! Thanks Seattle, it was fun and memorable getting to hang out with my younger brother and check out the area.

Seattle – Woodland Park Zoo

Instead of going up the Seattle Space Needle, we opted to head to the Woodland Park Zoo instead since there was such a long wait for the Space Needle.

Seattle – EMP Museum

On the 3rd day of the trip, Saturday, the weather decided to show us another side of Seattle, the rain. But that didn’t stop us from going out! First stop of the day, EMP Museum.

Seattle – Seattle Aquarium

After visiting the Pike Place Market and grabbing a bite to eat, we decided to take a walk down to the Seattle Aquarium and check out the piers also while we were down there.

Seattle – Pike Place Market

On the 2nd day that we’re in Seattle, we decided to go out and get some touristy things out of the way, so first stop of the day was the Pike Place Market!