The amazing diversity of Olympic National Park!

Adventure Date: 06/22/2022 – 06/26/2022

As tired as we were the 2nd day, we still got up early in the morning before the break of dawn to head west to Olympic National Park.  We planned on taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island, but it unfortunately doesn’t start running until 5:30 AM (at least that’s how I read the schedules).  Therefore, we took the long roundabout way by heading to Olympia then north to Port Angeles riding along Highway 101.  Keep an eye out because along this route, you’ll see some oyster farms and beautiful views of some of the inlets!

Throughout the park, you’ll notice the diverse wilderness at your fingertips.  You’ll find snow-capped mountains blanketed with evergreen trees, thick temperate rainforests, beaches, glacial lakes, and turquoise-colored rivers that seem to come out of nowhere.  If you only have one day to spend here, then make sure you start super early and plan your stops accordingly so that you’re not heading back to Seattle in the dead of night!

Our day trip to Olympic National Park included the following stops:

  • Port Angeles
  • Hurricane Ridge
  • Lake Crescent
  • Hoh Rainforest
  • Kalaloch Beach (Beach 4)

I would, however, recommend spending more than a day to explore Olympic National Park because there is much more to see and do!  Check out the route below for all the stops we made during our day trip and feel free to use it for your planning.