An unforgettable trip to Washington starts with Mount Rainier National Park!

Adventure Date: 06/22/2022 – 06/26/2022

As a birthday gift to ourselves, we decided to take a trip to Washington, specifically Seattle and the surrounding areas!  This would be the first time to Washington for my wife and my 2nd time.  Since we were flying in early in the morning, I decided it would be a good time to head up Mount Rainier for the morning and afternoon to past the time before we could check into our hotel.  Ironically, the first time I went to Washington, my brother and I also went to Mount Rainier National Park right after we landed. 

Mount Rainier can be seen from Seattle and its surrounding areas so why not start there and be captivated by all that Washington’s natural environment has to offer before heading into the city?!? Unfortunately, when we got up to the Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center, there was still a lot of snow so many of the paved hiking trails were still buried in snow.  They had closed off the road going past the visitor center also so we were not able to drive out that way to check out the other trails.  Reflection Lake was also a miss because it was still iced over with snow covering it, so no reflection of Mount Rainier.  This wouldn’t matter anyways since Mount Rainier was being shy and decided to hide behind clouds all day even though it was pretty darn sunny out.

We made the best of the time and eventually on the way down the mountain we caught a glimpse of Mount Rainier’s summit before we headed back to Seattle.  Next time, we’ll plan for a later time in the year to come see Mount Rainier when the snow is no longer around.