The City by the Bay – San Francisco, CA

Trip Date: November 24th – 26th, 2017

The last time I was in San Francisco was with some cousins when I was still in high school, back around 2003.  That time we only went for the day and came back at night.  We didn’t really do much at that time either since most of us were still under 21.  Now fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend of this year (a couple of weekends ago) and I finally get the chance to go back to the City by the Bay while visiting family in Sacramento, CA.  We opted to stay at the Sheraton by Fisherman’s Wharf which was very convenient for getting to the touristy spots around Fisherman’s Wharf but also close enough to Union Square and Chinatown too.  A bit pricey of a city, but well worth the experience.