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The colorful and beautiful Grand Prismatic Spring!

One of the coolest sites to visit in Yellowstone, the Grand Prismatic Spring! Aside from the horrible traffic around the area and the lack of parking, if you’re lucky enough to park close, it’s well worth the time to walk in awe of the colorful pool.

The Golden Gate of Yellowstone!

Most people probably pass through the Golden Gate Canyon without realizing that there’s a name and history around it. Located just south of Mammoth Hot Springs, you’ll find Rustic Falls right off the road too.

Hot springs galore at Mammoth Hot Springs!

Located in Mammoth, Wyoming in the northern part of Yellowstone National Park, the Mammoth Hot Springs terraces are spectacles that’s so out of this world, it’s like walking on the surface of an alien planet. Put on your most comfortable shoes because there is an upper and lower part of the terraces. You’ll also want to walk around the small town and grab a bite to eat at the local general store and restaurants too!

Exploring the geysers and pools of Biscuit Basin!

Biscuit Basin, like the other basins, showcase many geysers and pools with a boardwalk to use for viewing them. This one in particular runs next to the Firehole River and has these biscuit-like deposits from which it gets its name!

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone!

We woke up super early to go to Hayden Valley to view wildlife, but with rain and thunderstorms all morning long, we saw nothing! So, on to the next best thing nearby, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone! This is where you can view the iconic Upper and Lower Falls.

Exploring West Thumb Basin on our way back to camp.

First day in Yellowstone was spent checking into camp and grabbing a few things from the general store. But on the way back to camp in the evening, we decided to explore West Thumb Basin nearby Grant Village. We were lucky enough to also see an elk walk through the area!

The first U.S. national park, Yellowstone National Park!

After about 20 hours of driving from Minnesota, we finally arrived in Yellowstone National Park! The next few days of being here would be spent relaxing, exploring the various sites, looking for wildlife, and disconnecting ourselves from society for the moment.