Viewing the Fall colors in the North Shore of Minnesota!

Adventure Date: 09/26/2020

Viewing the Fall colors at the right time is like a guessing game.  You can rely on the reports but things can change over the course of a few days and you’ll be heavily disappointed by the time you get there and there are no longer leaves on those trees.  You can go early in the Fall and the leaves probably wouldn’t have turned to different colors yet.  If you go too late, you’ll miss out. 

Fortunately for us, when we took my parents up past Duluth to Gooseberry Falls and Silver Bay, the colors were just perfect even though back home in the Twin Cities metro area, the colors were just starting to turn to different colors.  My parents seemed to have fun exploring the area with us since this was their first time to the North Shore.  Unfortunately, there were scattered light showers and it was very foggy near the coastline so they weren’t able to fully appreciate the beauty of the North Shore with Lake Superior.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our adventure up north below!