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When in Yellowstone, go to Grand Teton National Park also!

Adventure Date: 08/24/2020 – 08/31/2020

In the middle of our road trip we ventured off to Grand Teton National Park for the day to do some exploring outside of Yellowstone.  To the south of Yellowstone National Park is the Grant Teton National Park that’s extraordinary in its own right with the majestic Teton mountain range moving down the western side of the park.  Don’t forget, the Teton mountain range is a part of the Rocky Mountains!  While we ventured through the park, we visited several park sites, took on a few of the scenic drives, and even drove through Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Some of the places you’ll see in this post include:

  • Jackson Lake Dam
  • String Lake
  • Jenny Lake
  • Oxbow Bend (Snake River)
  • Snake River Overlook
  • Jackson Hole National Fishery

One of our favorite places that we visited during our day trip to Grand Teton was the Jackson Hole National Fishery.  As an avid fishing couple, we love learning more about fish especially when it comes to conservation efforts.  At the Jackson Hole National Fishery, one of the volunteers showed us how Cutthroat trout were raised in the fishery and explained to us more in detail about the fish species and the conservation efforts of the national fishery.  One of the coolest things there was the pond full of Cutthroat trout that was connected to a natural stream.  You can fish the pond but you must have a Wyoming fishing license and use fly lures only.